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CAPS Fieldhouse Programs - Training

CAPS Performance Training Classes

Start Your Training Off The Right Way 


Step 1  Lets Work Together

If you want to experience what it's like to be coached to succeed, then attend an Intro Session to start training in our weekly training classes.

Step 2  Plan to Succeed

During the Intro Session, you and your coach will establish a personalized training plan to help you get the results your looking for.

Step 3  Get Started

Let us coach you every step of the way, sign up today! 

Adult Performance & Strength

 Get stronger, improve everyday  

The Adult Performance & Strength class is our weekly training group, where the focus is on developing physical strength through a barbell based curriculum. We focus on strength since it is one of the most useful aspects of physical fitness, one that impacts nearly all other physical fitness traits.

Highlights of the Adult Performance & Strength class:

  • Receive free personalized strength training programs 
  • Learn, practice, and develop new exercise skills and techniques such as the the squat, press, deadlift, bench press, and power clean, and more
  • Guidance on nutrition, recovery, and performance enhancement 
  • Taught by professional and experienced coaches 

Class days/times:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6-7pm  

*Days and times are subject to change

I am interested in the Adult Performance & Strength class

Our weekly small group training class for adults 18+ years of age

Student Athlete Strength & Conditioning

Learn to train, train to succeed 

Our comprehensive weekly Student Athlete Strength & Conditioning class targets the needs of every young athlete. Our training provides athletes with the skills and physical tools their sports demand. 

Our goal is to teach young athletes how to train in a safe, effective, and efficient way to improve sports performance, and reduce the chances of injury.  

All athletes receive free personalized strength & conditioning training programs, guidance on nutrition, recovery, and performance enhancement taught by professional experienced coaches.

Class days/times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4-5pm

I am interested in the Student athlete Strength & Conditioning class

Our weekly small group training class for high school & college students 14+ years of age

We also offer:

Personal training - small group training - and team training


Have questions? Or want more information?

Contact CAPS Fieldhouse at 216.524.2077 or email