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CAPS FC (aka Cleveland Whitecaps)

Premier soccer club for 
Boys and Girls ages u9 to U19

Boys and Girls ages 6 through 19 are trained by professional coaches to develop, enhance, and explore their soccer talents as well as their physical fitness, self confidence, positive personality, and teamwork. We understand that children learn in different ways during different stages of their lives and training sessions need to be adapted to their age.  For example a 9 year old will not be trained in the same way a 13 year old is trained. Below are some of the explanations of quidelines and principals of our age specific player training.   

Our focus is progressive development from year to year.   Currently teams are formed according to school years ( in most cases).  However, beginning in 2016, The United States Soccer Federation will mandate the teams are to be formed by birth year- regardless of school grade.  

The CAPS Football Club operates for the benefit of its playing members and families. Our primary focus is total player development, on and off the field. We provide above average athletes with a positive and educational learning environment. We are focused on offering our players the best possible training and playing experience, locally, regionally, nationally and ultimately internationally. All players are encouraged and coached to achieve their maximum playing potential for current, and future play.

Our players have the opportunity to learn all elements that make up a successful soccer player:

  • Technical training
  • Tactical awareness
  • Responsibilities of teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Goal setting characteristics
  • Importance of academics

We seek good athletes who have the potential to become good soccer players through our training programs. This takes commitment to the sport, the team and the Club. 
Our Club emphasizes all-around development of each individual within a team concept. We believe that to be successful as a whole, the entire team must be a close-knit family of successful young people enjoying a competitive environment. We expect a level of commitment in terms of your attitude towards the game, but also expect the same level of commitment towards academics.  Our belief is that family comes first, followed by academics and then your recreational activities, including soccer. 
We look forward to working with your child and sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge of the game of soccer.