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Our private training program is the most personalized soccer experience we offer. The goal of this training is to achieve specific goals and help players take ownership of their development. With emphasis on the full soccer spectrum (technical, tactical, physical, and psychological), we recommend this for committed players looking to improve rapidly and hone in on very specific parts of their game.


Our private training is for individuals, pairs, and groups of 3-4. If you are looking to pair up or train with a group, we recommend finding other players of similar age, technical ability, and ambition. We can also try to match you up with others looking for a partner or group, but this may not always be possible. Available to both field players and goalkeepers.

Private sessions are one hour long and planned in advance to focus on specific topics each week. While the session format usually consists of a technical warmup, a functional/position-specific phase, and going to goal, this may be modified based on age, skill level, and individual needs. During the winter season, individuals and pairs will often train in our designated TOCA training space, maximizing reps through the revolutionary TOCA soccer trainer.

Our professional staff is made up of some of the best individual trainers in the area. Trainers will be assigned based on availability and may be rotated throughout sessions to offer different perspectives. 

Maximize touches & time on the ball


Now taking fall weekday session bookings for August 30th, 2021 through October 25th, 2021

Sessions are by appointment only so please call us at (216) 524-2077 to book your timeslot


One player- $100/player per session

Two players- $65/player per session

Three players- $55/player per session

Four players- $45/player per session

10-session package = one free session

20-session package = 2.5 free sessions

*You can get the package discount for any of the 1-4 player rates, but once you purchase a package, you cannot mix-and-match those sessions. For example, if you buy a package at the three-player rate, you can only redeem those sessions when doing three-player sessions.