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Rapsodo Hitting League

Looking for a fun and competitive way to improve your swing and game approach this offseason?
 Then the Rapsodo Hitting League is JUST FOR YOU!


Join us at CAPS FIELDHOUSE Batting Cage for 4 weeks of hitting game play this January. Each week will include a Double Header- 30 minute per game.  All hits are tracked by Rapsodo to determine Hit Outcome, Bat Exit Velocity, Distance and other key metrics. 

All games are played using a Spinball Wizard 3 Wheel, state of the art, Pitching machine. Pitch speeds are determined by age groups. Speeds will be slightly below game velocity to increase offensive production. 

Games are scored and tracked to determine the Championship team at the end of the 4 week season!


*Teams consist of 4-6 players

Ages: 11u through 13u &
           14u through 17u 
Based on enrollment, age groups may or can become more specific.
Dates: Jan 17, 24, 31 & Feb 7, 2023
Times: 6-7pm - 11u-13u
             7-8pm - 14u-17u

Price: $80 x player

*Players may register as individuals and be assigned to a team. During registration,  select your age group and division, and if you are registering as a team or an individual.  If you are registering as a team, you will receive an email confirmation from EZ Facilty with a link to share with each of your players.  Each player on your team will need to register and sign the necessary waiver.


Caps Fieldhouse Hitting League is data driven and the individual and team progress will be calculated using our  Rapsodo Hitting Machine.  The Rapsodo tracks hit outcome, Bat exit velocity, Distance, and other key metrics.  


The Spinball Wizard three wheel pitching machine makes batting practice easy. The smart control panel lets you set the pitch speed and spin directly - no charts required!