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Nations Baseball of Northeast Ohio
Inaugural 2021 Winter Indoor Season with

4 Nations Baseball Tournament Qualifiers:

March Madness...................................March 27-28

April Warm-Up Classic........................April  2-3

Spring Break Open Challenge............April 10-11 

April Showers Classic.........................April 17-18 


All Indoor Tournaments include:

  • 3 Guaranteed Games on Turf
  • Certified Umpires
  • Game Baseballs Provided
  • On-site Concession Area
  • On-site Tournament Director
  • Championship Game
  • 1st Place and Finalist Awards

Special Note: 

There is a Gate Fee of $5.00 per Person per Day.  All children under 10 years old get in Free.
All Players (in uniform) and up to 3 Coaches per Team get in Free



The safety of our athletes and their families as well as coaches, referees, staff and spectators is the highest priority for CAPS Fieldhouse. This indoor season is unlike any other because of the current pandemic our country is facing. We have established some rules and guidelines (strictly enforced) for you and your group to follow.  

  • Conduct daily symptom checks and ensure any participants with symptoms remain at home.

  • Drinking fountains will NOT be in use. Players must bring their own water bottles and not share. 

  • Please do not come to the Fieldhouse if you have been asked or required to quarantine because of contact with someone with Covid until the date that your quarantine period is complete.

  • ONLY players and coaches are allowed on the field.

  • There is 1 parent per player recommended and 2 maximum  permitted during league game play. Please bring your own seating. 

  • There are no parents or spectators permitted in the Fieldhouse area during training/practice sessions. Parents are free to enter the building and stay in the lounge room during the session, provided that there are not more than 15 persons at a time in the room.  Or they can drop off and pick up at the front door. 

  • Everyone must wear a mask when entering and exiting the building and or walking around the non playing surface. We strongly recommend that Participants wear their masks at all times- even when playing.  All masks  must be on when leaving  the playing field, including going to the restroom. Coaches and trainers should always have a mask on.

  • Everyone should sanitize their hands when arriving and when leaving the facility. There are sanitizing stations for both hands and equipment in several locations throughout the building.

  • Teams must leave promptly once their games have ended.

  • No congregating before or after games.

  • We expect each team to be practicing social distancing and mask wearing on the side lines.

  • All players should place their bags, water bottles, etc., at least six feet apart, on the same field their team/activity is using and most importantly, away from everyone else.  There are yellow markers on the field netting, at 6 feet apart, for a visual spot to safely place bags. 

  • Families must sit together, socially distancing from other individuals/family groups. 

Please help us keep all participants and staff safe by following these guidelines and encouraging all of your members to do the same. We want to keep playing the games we love, so please practice Covid safety at all times.  

As time progresses, we may see some changes to the rules above and will keep them posted.